Here’s a slideshow of the fun stuff that I get to work with as a photographer 🙂

Engagement Sessions:

Raffy & Carmela | Engagement Session Photos from Lai de Guzman on Vimeo.

Nikoy and Donna Macau E-Session from Lai de Guzman on Vimeo.



Corporate and Editorial Shoots:


Notes and Testimonials:


The Fabians

“Hi Lai! Just saw your post of Nathan’s party.

We just want to express our overflowing happiness and thanks to you for being our family photographer. We just love how you capture special moments during our family events. We love how you somehow encapsulate the whole event through your photos the way we wish and want to. You capture the smiles and happiness that we can sometimes never get on our own photos (and it is hard when kids are involved). Looking at your photos, it leaves us smiling and breathing a sigh of contentment and satisfaction. You capture the magic and beauty of the event that is important for us. You somehow know intuitively our sensibilities. Again, we thank you for being our photographer and we just want you to know how we appreciate your skills, talent and personal touch. We are so proud of our photos that we share them to others. We look forward to more events and photos with you in the future. Much love ❤❤❤ from the Fab Fabians. 😊😊😊


Sharine Lim on Titus and Belle’s Party


“Lai, Got the pictures today and I am so emotional. I have been crying non-stop. Thank you again for bringing out all that was beautiful and heart-tugging and real at the party. We will definitely have another session again!”


Ruby Abaya-Dorado

“Have you ever looked at a picture and felt a sudden wave of emotion so overwhelming you cry? Looking at Sam’s 4th birthday photos, I see the essence of her childhood. Her carefree smile perfectly captured I can almost hear her laugh. The twinkle in her eyes full of mischievous antics and the look of concentration on her face that is just too adorable.

Thank you, Lai for beautifully encapsulating the moments that are special to us. The personal touch you put is very much appreciated. We are beyond grateful for the precious and irreplaceable moments you have beautifully captured. These are what separate a snapshot from a photograph.❤️”